The Environment Of Psychiatric Facilities, Regional West And Behavioral Management, And Their Effects On Patients ' Mood

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The environment that surrounds an individual is vital to their health and wellbeing. This is specifically true when considering healing, especially in the hospital environment. A more appropriate term for this is milieu therapy. Halter (2013) defined this as “a psychiatric philosophy that involves a secure environment (including people, setting, structure, and emotional climate) to effect positive change” (p. 677). This paper will discuss the environment of two psychiatric facilities, Regional West and Behavioral Management, and their effects on patients’ mood, behavior, and anxiety. Regional West is an inpatient facility that provides care to individuals 5 years old and up. The second floor of the facility is known as the step down unit.…show more content…
The lighting was bright in the facility, with natural sunlight coming in through the windows. Across from the nurses station there were patient lockers that consisted of items that the patients were not able to keep in their room. The main area for the patients consisted of about two to three tables with chairs, as well as, love seats and chairs for seating. Some tables had puzzles laying for the patient’s to do during an open time in their schedule. The noise level was moderate to low for most of the time. At times the volume would increase due to the several different disciplines of health care professionals collaborating together. The patients kept the noise volume down while in the main seating area, although, at times the pediatric floor would get loud when several patients were surrounded together. There was not a distinctive smell noted at the facility, but it did not seem to smell like the hand alcohol as much as the main Rapid City Regional hospital. There was also a fenced outdoor area that allowed the pediatric patients to spend time playing volleyball and basketball. Staff consisted of two to three nurses, two techs on the pediatric floor, and a couple more additional patient technicians on the adult third floor. Psychiatrists were also in the area at times. There would be either two or three nursing students on each
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