The Environment: Our Future

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Reports from the U.N. have pushed the focus of the international community to the pressing issue of climate changes due to Global Warming. Scientists have proclaimed that the warning signs of global warming are unequivocal. It was concluded that global warming is most likely man-made, and its effect will impact the world for centuries.

Global warming is basically the increased in temperature of the Earth. Human activities are said to be the main causes of this phenomenon. For example, we produced excessive carbon dioxide when burning fuels to produce energy since Industrial Revolution. The large emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide is one of the culprits trapping the heat on Earth, and raising global temperatures.

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The world would not be able to withstand this change in temperature. The last Ice Age was only about 3oC lower than our current temperature. This is how serious our situation are, and we are all to be taking this information seriously and give it our best shot to reduce the effect of global warming.

In order to do so, we must reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. We can always turn to using renewable energies, like wind, nuclear and solar energy. Though this are not things that we, citizens, can decide on. However, there are definitely things which all of us could do to put in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

When travelling, the main aim is to reduce number of vehicles on the road because travelling vehicles produce carbon monoxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Studies have shown that eight out of every ten vehicles on the road are private cars, thus I urge all drivers to consider taking public transport, instead of personal vehicles. For shorter distance travelling, we can always bike or walk the short distance. For those who do not need to use a car that often, try car-sharing, where a group of people will own a car and take turns driving it.For drivers, you should always plan your journeys so that you will take a lesser period of time to get to your destination. This will save petrol and prevent unnecessary driving. Drivers should also consider buying hybrid cars instead of
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