The Environment : Shaping People Into Who They Are

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The Environment: Shaping People into Who They Are A recent study conducted by Dr. Matthews, the head of Division of Child and Youth Psychiatry at Saskatoon, stated "Statistically, ten percent of the young population 's [behaviors] are considered 'abnormal '"(Matthews). When a child begins misbehaving, many parents struggle to understand why their child is acting that way. The root of the problem lies in the environment that the child is raised in. The development of children 's behaviors is determined by environmental factors, rather than their genetics, such as the people they grow up with, their location, and the income of their parents or guardians. However, it is often argued that children develop their behaviors through genetics that they were born with and their behaviors are not at all influenced by their environment. A few assert that all inherited behaviors can be explained through a biological approach by means of hormones and chemical changes in the brain. Those geneticists attempt to prove that everyone has an “inner ‘biological clock’ which switches on (or off) types of behavior in a pre-programmed way” (McLeod). However, if this theory is true, one’s body cannot know when to ‘switch’ on a certain behavior if it was not first prompted by the environment. By the same token, other geneticists disagree and state that the environment could not possibly influence behavior because there are proven behavioral disorders. As an example, one of the most familiar
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