The Environment Where Public Administration Is Being Implemented

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how challenging the environment where public administration is being implemented can be in countries that are just developing. The importance of governments and public administrators in these countries is high. They play a very important role when it comes to sustaining new development and maintain economic growth. The main roles of a government are to protect the environment, reduce socio-economic inequality, combat poverty, and support both social and private sector development, among others. The only way governments can accomplish this is to strengthen the public administrators in order to fulfill these need and ensure that expectations are met. An example of an environment this essay will delve into will be the sub-Saharan African environment. This environment in particular is affected by massive amounts of debt, poverty, HIV/AIDS, other diseases, famine, corruption throughout the government and violations of human rights.
Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the world’s largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS. This region faces a disaster if not fixed soon. This epidemic has stopped the development and economic growth in that region. While this is taking place in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, the entire continent is struggling. For developing countries, there is mostly corruption in the government by public officials and therefore it is difficult to have a stable government that can help it to grow. With that being said,
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