The Environmental Benefits of Utilizing Nuclear Energy Rather Than Fossil Fuel Energy

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The world’s largest source of emission-free energy is nuclear energy. Energy sources like solar power, wind power, and hydro electric power are also good ways to produce clean energy; however, when it comes down to it they can’t produce the capacity of energy the world needs. The two largest problems with fossil fuels are that they are running out and produce greenhouse gases when burned. Greenhouse gases are gases that absorb and emit radiation inside the atmosphere. The main greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere are carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane, and ozone. Ultimately greenhouse gases are a good thing because they keep the earth warm enough to have a wide variety of climates; however, when our energy sources put…show more content…
After being elected, President Obama canceled the funding of the main site for storing nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain Nevada; therefore, it is likely that the production of new nuclear power plants will be halted for another ten years. ( Stieglitz, par 6) However, eventually when we are forced to produce mass amounts of electricity with less emissions nuclear power will be the obvious choice. By 2030 the demand for electricity worldwide will have increased immensely due to economic growth and increased use of electric transportation. Each year we invest hundreds of billions of dollars into finding an alternative energy source, but when it comes down to it we are decades away from finding something that is able to produce electricity on a mass scale. However, we already have the option of nuclear power and it is overlooked every time. Environmentalists, scientists, and community activists ridicule the idea of nuclear power due to its high cost, safety factors, and nuclear waste. The Nuclear Information and Research Service is a group that discourages the further production of nuclear energy. They argue that even strictly regulated storage facilities are subject to disasters like contaminating underground water supplies, and terrorist attacks. They also argue that nuclear energy is far to expensive to be the answer to the energy crisis. Since the year 2000 estimated cost for nuclear power plants
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