The Environmental Deficit: Hawken's Blessed Unrest

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The environmental deficit is basically just a way of expressing that the world is having a 2 for 1 sale on our natural resources. In a culture where people everywhere seem to think that the economy is just about getting a good deal on everything, it makes sense that collectively we barely value the goods and resources the Earth seems to offer for free! "If we continue with business as usual, by the early 2030s we will need two planets to keep up with humanity's demand for goods and services." That was what the World Wildlife Fund said in its Living Planet Report of 2008. There are simply too many people commanding too many resources because they believe they can get them at little cost. Or worse yet, they believe that because we as people and as policy makers can still think of potential solutions, there is no real problem. Just thinking that the future can be different is not that much different than spending billions or trillions of more dollars than we have because we trust that the existence of more people in the future will mean that debt will be paid off. This is a perfect example of foolish finances and it is a mirror of what is happening when we likewise give too much credit to those who want to borrow against the planet's "natural capital" (Klein, 2009). The same approach that brought about the deregulation of the money markets has brought about a deregulation of the environment in hopes that industry itself will find a way to fix the problems it has for the most

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