Essay on The Environmental Effects of The Oil Industry

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The Environmental Effects of The Oil Industry The worst imaginable environmental catastrophe that could occur in Maryland has just become a reality. The lifeblood of Southern Maryland's Watermen has been forever affected. The ecosystems of the Patuxtent River and Chesapeake Bay have been irreversibly contaminated. The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl Nuclear Accidents have affected the world ecosystems; but the Chalk Point oil spill has reached us here in Southern Maryland. The ethical considerations with generating electricity from fossil fuels, specifically oil, has a profound impact on us all. We all use electricity to make our lives easier and more productive. By using this electricity have we given our permission for the oil…show more content…
There are two different types of oil spills: crude oil spills and refined oil spills. Crude oil spills are very sticky and break down much faster than refined oil does. Refined oil is very thin and harder to clean up. Oil spills during off shore drilling are the first spill source. These spills are not the only sources, there are many spills during transportation and shipping. Clean up of an oil spill is very important and must be done in a quick, effiecient, and ecologically sound manner. What are the effects? What are some response techniques? Is location a factor? What is used to clean up the spills? These are some common questions asked when a spill occurs. There are also positive and negative aspects to consider. Many oil spills occur at sea. This oil immediately begins to move and weather, breaking down and changing its physical and chemical properties. (1) When this happens the oil threatens the surrounding areas. Animals and plant life may be seriously injured. (1) There are many response techniques used in controlling the spread of oil spills. One of the most effective ways to fight spills is the careful selection and the proper use of the equipment and materials best suited to the type of oil and the conditions of the spill site. (2) Most spill response equipment and materials are greatly affected by such factors as conditions at sea, water currents, and the wind. Quick actions and proper

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