The Environmental Factors Of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

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There are several environmental factors influencing this company. To describe these first will be explained what environmental factors are. Environmental factors are things that influence a certain industry. The environmental factors of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd will be explained by using the PESTLE analysis.
Political, by looking at the political environment of the destination it is not that important. Of course where they will stop in ports they need to know what the rules and laws are. Most of the time they are just cruising the ocean. There is also a possibility that they need to have a visa for a certain destination but not a long time visa because they will not stay long at the same place. (Page and Connell, 2014
Economic, The economic influence is very important and powerful in the cruise industry. When there are changes in income this can mean a lot of differences. When the income will increase there is a possibility that more people will go cruising or do more cruises
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In the beginning the cruises were booked by travel agents, nowadays most of the cruises are booked online. This was a big change. This has as a consequence that some jobs are disappeared. Another change is that they develop more and more machines that will make it more sustainable on the ships. They already have some machine for the reduce of waste water. This machine can make sea water into potable water. (Keuning, 2003) (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd)
Legal, there are several legal influences that is affecting the company. There will be explained two. The first one is the employment law. This law states how the employees should be treated working for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd regarding their wages and circumstances. Then there is the consumer law. This law is there to protect the guest (consumers) against fraud. This law also shows the rights of the guests. (Bush. T., July 14,
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