The Environmental Impact Assessment On The Environment

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NON – TECHNICAL SUMMARY The Environmental Impact Assessment is an ongoing process in terms of environmental and social considerations that places in a high priority the conservation and the enhancement of the natural environment. EIA is defined as the study of the effect prediction of a proposed projct on the environment. In addion, it may be described as a tool which helps to make an important decision comparing many alternative plans for a project and seeks to find the best solution combining all the financial and environmental costs and benefits. The EIA is based on integrity, utility and sustainability. 2. DESCRIPTION OF EXISTING ENVIRONMENT 2.1 PROJECT DESCRIPTION MegaCorp company is responsible for the exploration of the WA-418-P field. For this reason , the company evaluated four options in order to choose the most notable option, considering other significant factors that influenced its duty such as socioeconomic, healthy , safety, existing and biophysical environment and many environmental challenges of the project. The options are : 1. Gravity Based System (GBS) 2. Fixed Unit Tie Back 3. Sub Sea Tie Back 4. FPSO Ultimately, MegaCorp confirmed that for the exploitation of the field, FPSO will be used with drilling five deviated wells and five water injectors 2.2 EXISTING ENVRONMENT 2.2.1 GENERAL The environmental statement presents the results of EIA conducted by MegaCorp for the exploration and development of W field, in the North – West Region of Australia, in
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