The Environmental Impact Skiing On The Environment

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The environmental impact skiing has as a whole on the environment has been a growing concern for some time now. Resorts especially have taken specific notice to their carbon foot print, and actions to reduce it. Several companies have taken this trend of going green and established themselves as the go to people for whatever their service/product may be. In large, the snow sports industry has stepped up their game with sustainability practices in hopes of leaving the world as they found it years ago. One slope side lighting company called “Arctic Beam” has developed a futuristic looking LED lighting solution that can cut energy usage in half for a typical ski resort. Although slope lighting is not a big issue for many ski resorts, the ones who offer night skiing can benefit tremendously. By reducing energy use by half and ski resort can now invest that half into other sustainable projects and further their steps to becoming an environmentally friendly resort. These lights also reduce light pollution by having a 120 degree angle of light and ability to concentrate the beam to certain areas. Compared to the usual gas light bulbs used today whose light direction is 360 degrees with little control over where the light can be directed. The difference is remarkable with visibility as well. The Arctic Beam puts out light which can be registered more readily by the human eye then light emitted by the gas bulbs. This creates a safer skiing and riding zone by increasing typical night
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