The Environmental Impacts Coming From Developing Mineral

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The environmental impacts coming from developing mineral and energy resources from open pit mining mainly comes from the extraction of the material once it has been deemed cost effective to extract. What most often occurs when a site is being mined is that the material removed from the dig site gets displaced over to the side in an area such as an open quarry mine. After the materials are extracted the waste material is not placed back and neither is any vegetation that was once there. One way that could help the surrounding environment would be to keep record of the amount of material and/or vegetation removed and replace it with a similar amount once the required material has been extracted. This would give the wildlife that had been…show more content…
Mining is a relatively temporary activity due to the limited operating lives of the mining sites, which are determined by the size and quality of the ore deposit being mined. Water is used in a variety of applications at mine sites such as the diverting of surface water and the pumping out of groundwater, which is a concern to all living creatures. The waste water runoff in open pit mining, after rain water that flows through the mine, can collect numerous hazardous materials and wash them into nearby streams or rivers. Having a collection well downhill from the mining site can aid in the collection of this waste water runoff, but would only help if the tank never reached an overflow situation. Mining operations can work to reduce the quantity of water used and increase the quality of water available downstream for aquatic ecosystems and other industrial and municipal water users, especially in areas with dry climates. In Canada, mining had one of the highest water recycling rates among the industrial divisions, and between 1996 and 2005 reduced its total water intake around 30%. This drop in the water use happened around the same time that the value of production increased around 45%, meaning that the water intake per dollar of their production had also declined. Water management strategies are being used at most
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