The Environmental Impacts Of Globalization And The Environment

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Increased globalization causes more damage to the environment. Innovations in production and trade in the last three centuries have been polluting the environment. During the Industrial Revolution (1760-1820), new techniques of producing powers released plumes of toxic smoke into the air. These plumes of toxic gas would start the series of deadly fogs that would kill about 1150 Londoners in the span of three days (taapworld). The idea of global trade and mercantilism caused the industrial revolution. More recently, the increased needs for electronic goods caused the increase of pollution in areas of raw resource extraction (Yale). The increase of global trade and globalization has caused more damage to the environment. The World Trade Organization, or WTO for short, has tried to promote sustainability and development of third world countries without damaging the environment (WTO). They claim that connecting these countries to the global economy will not directly cause damage to the environment, and that their programs, such as the Doha Declaration, help protect the environment (WTO). This, however, is far from the truth. The WTO regulates regional trade agreements such aslike the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which have authorized participating countries to ignore federal environmental laws (Nat’l Geographic). This goes directly against the claims the WTO have made, yet the WTO themselves have allowed the agreement. This will nullify any law a participating country passes if
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