The Environmental Issues Of Avatar

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Avatar is the one of many films that address the major environmental issues of today’s world, one which happens to be about sustainability. The film foreshadows the reality of the Earth by 2154. In particular, Avatar demonstrates the results of overusing natural resources and thus forcing humans to continue to destroy other areas of nature for sources of energy. Since there is no longer energy on Earth, the only option is to seek out energy from a natural habitat where indigenous Na’vis have been living for years. In addition, since there is no energy, Earth is not able to sustain organic life or rich produce. Furthermore, the place is called Pandora and contains an atmosphere that is toxic to humans forcing them to wear masks. There are no megacities or urban environments here, only raw, organic nature that is preserved and cared for after the Na’vi. Here, sustainability is successful because the people recognize the aesthetic justification. Above all, the Na’vi also refuse to partake in deathly acts which reserves the limited amount of energy that they have. Avatar also touch bases with the moral justification aspect where the Na’ vi humans discern that their mission is to aid the environment to persist contributing to the success of sustainability on Pandora for future generations. The respect and gratitude that the Na’vi have for nature contrasts greatly with the way humans have respect towards nature. As time passes, the development of energy is limited and is valuable…

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