The Environmental Legacy of Rachel Carson Essay

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Every year millions of American’s purchase chemicals intended to clean their home, remove weeds from lawns, and promise to eradicate various insects and other household pests. It is a deadly love affair with scientific advancements to create larger crops, more appealing food items and the promise of cleaner environments. Yet until recent years and the noticeable focus on organic and natural foods, very few have questioned these advancements. Rachel Carson was one of the people who had the courage and determination to stand up and question just how healthy these new advancements truly were for living creatures. Mrs. Carson’s effort to bring these things to light in her most well-known book, Silver Spring, a book that exposed just how…show more content…
Rachel Carson’s love of nature, determination to expose the truth would eventually pay off. Her life however was not easy, and her pursuit of a higher education was hampered in many ways; primarily her family’s financial instability. Her incredible scholastic performance earned Carson a $100 scholarship to her tuition at Pennsylvania College for Women and through the college dean Cora Helen Coolidge was granted the kindness of benefactors who were impressed by her abilities. She finished her freshman year, with honors, something that only 1/10 students accomplish. During her sophomore year, Carson switched her major into a science major from a writing major; after being influenced by one of the professors that other students avoided, Mary Scott Skinker. Skinker is attributed to changing the course of Rachel’s life, shared a love of nature and later throughout her educational career would be her support system and encouragement. Maria Carson’s support of her daughter was paramount to her education and fully expected that as parents, she and her husband would take on the burden of her education so she could focus on her studies; insisting that Carson not work while in college (Lear, Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature, 1997). Surely without the multiple women who played active roles in Carson’s life, she would not have completed even her
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