The Environmental Policies Of China

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Currently, most countries have made numerous environmental policies and spent lots of money to stop environmental pollution and protect the environment. In China, China’s leaders were putting, even more, emphasis on the companies who make chemical production, especially after chemical disasters in recent years. Although China has made great process in supervision pollution, the serious gaps still exist in hazardous materials’ oversight in China. Recently, there was uproar among Chinese families after a report of China Central Television, and the report revealed that about 500 students at Changzhou Foreign Languages School had developed illnesses because of pollution at school. This media watch summarizes three important news reports about the pollution at Changzhou Foreign Languages School from the mainstream media and investigates and analyzes the issue depend on five questions. (Hernández 2016) On April 19, 2016, the journalist from the New York Times, Javier C. Hernández reported a serious incident in eastern China. The news states that about 500 students from the Changzhou Foreign Languages School had developed illnesses, and even a few students had leukemia, possibly due to the pollution around the school. Although pupils and their guardians at the new campus of Changzhou Foreign Languages School had reflected this problem to the local government because some students had some healthy problem and a bad smell surrounded the buildings, the local government stated that
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