The Environmental Problems Of Marine Pollution

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The ocean which covers more than half the surface of our planet is a vital source to life on Earth. It carries ninety seven percent of Earth’s water and surrounds three quarters of the planet. Millions of different fish and mammals live within the ocean. Today, however, the ocean and all life there is experiencing serious environmental problems. It has been stated, “A staggering amount of waste - much of which has only existed for the past 60 years or so - enters the oceans each year” (WWF). The causes of marine pollution are diverse, such as dumping of garbage waste, toxic chemicals, and fertilizers, all which have caused major damage to our oceans. A major cause of ocean pollution is the numerous amounts of garbage that is continuing to be dumped into it. According to Subodh Varma, “Over 5.25 trillion plastic particles, with a combined weight of 269,000 tons may be floating in the world’s oceans.” As the world uses and disposes more materials, many materials are carelessly thrown into the ocean either by hand or force of nature. The materials being plastic bottles and or plastic containers carry a heavy impact on habitats in oceans. Plastic in itself isn’t a nature-created substance, meaning it won’t mix well with the ocean 's natural “state-of-being.” A very common problem with plastic being dropped into the ocean is that fish and various sea creatures will get trapped in small containers, killing them as they struggle to escape. Also, as stated earlier, plastic is
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