The Environmental Protection Agency Is An Important Achievement

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Introduction The environmental protection agency was an important achievement in our society. Learning from earlier mistakes helps society as a whole improve to make the world a better place. Through responsible decisions, all can attain a comfortable lifestyle while attaining a sustainable lifestyle. History of the EPA (and before) In today’s world, nearly everything has an impact on our earth. Ever since the creation of life, we have had an effect on our environment. As most of us receive the benefit of our actions, we become oblivious to the environmental destruction we are perpetrating. For example, when you drove your car to work today, there was little consideration for what it took energywise to get there. Imagine having to pay someone to push your 3,000 pound vehicle all the way to work. Impossible, yet you paid under four dollars for enough energy to move you thirty miles, but at what cost? In the mid 1700’s, the world’s population grew and better farming techniques were developed. Soon followed an offspring of innovations and inventions that made everyday life easier. England, who had the factors of production which were land (to grow food), labour (people to do work), and Capital (money to start a business) took advantage by being the first country 3 to industrialize. Soon after, cities were packed with factories everywhere, which is when people started to notice pollution. Alexis de Tocqueville, a French aristocrat who visited Manchester in
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