The Environmental Sciences

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We have reached a point within our history where we have been more connected than ever. For the most part, we are able to reach out to the eclectic mix of cultures that composes our global society, and interact with others in real time. The various perspectives we are able to contrive from these cultures allow us to understand and construct new ideologies within various disciplines, and some of the connections can be made are constructed from creativity of our imaginations and perspectives on various issues. The interactions amongst the collective forces that constructs interdisciplinarity enable us, from an ecological framework, to find inspiration from the abstract into the familiarities of the environmental sciences and studies. Coming…show more content…
The classical classifications of Teddy Roosevelt environmentalism no longer applies to our given circumstances. Though he helped create and solidify the existence of national parks, the nature that is most familiar to us is also the most overlooked, and these natural entities that are ignored are often found in the urban landscape (Cronon 1996). Socially we have constructed the idea that wilderness is out there and far away when it is actually within everything we interact with on a daily basis (Cronon 1996). The environmental themes touched upon in our class have some degree of resignation of dissociation, but the field of interdiciplinarity enables us to recognize that these dissociations in one way or another construct and support various themes within restoration, invasive species, and novel ecosystems. Deconstructing these themes enables us to link various connections that would support and deepen our understanding of the successes and follies associated with these themes. More often than not we are required to think outside the quadrilateral prisms and conjoin a collective thought in the thread of a Mobius strip. Since its birth, Restoration has made an attempt to make progress by rehabilitating degraded lands, but its name hasn’t necessarily assisted the true understanding of its practice. In
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