The Environmental Technology Program At S.a.i.t

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The program that I have chosen to study is the Environmental technology program at S.A.I.T and this is important not because I want to shut down all the “dirty energy” companies that work in the oil and gas or coal sector but because I want to make them better and more sustainable so that the resources will last longer. More people should think this way because the world needs these companies to survive and it would be economic suicide to shut just oil and gas down, look at what is happening right now and it is only a downturn. But if new technology is created and new methods are put into place, then what is now seen as the worst form of energy, environmentally it can be seen as something that is more sustainable with less of an environmental impact. This is what my program focuses on, how to reduce waste and how to treat the waste that is created, so when it is either released back into the environment or there is a spill or leak that it will not be as harmful. The environmental technology program will help get more women into the science field which will then advance them in the working world. This program will draw women in because it can be seen less threatening than say a petroleum technology program where it is mostly men. But we are taught how to do things in the lab, out in the field, and behind a desk and in many different types businesses such as agriculture, water treatment, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and many others. It provides many options for women to get

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