The Environmental Theory By Florence Nightingale

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The Environmental Theory by Florence Nightingale defined Nursing as “the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery” (Alice Petiprin, 2014). It involves the nurse’s initiative to make environmental settings appropriate to aid in the recovery of the patient’s health. According to Nightingale all external factors are somehow associated with the patient and affects their life physically, mentally, and socially (Alice Petiprin, 2014).
X.X. has been a very easy going resident throughout the course of our encounter with letting me do whatever is needed to give him the care he needs. X.X. came to Bay County Medical Care Facility on January 30, 2013 due to right hip replacement surgery that he never really gained much mobility back in, along with recurring UTI’s from urinary retention. Besides the hip replacement and the UTI’s that he was admitted for he was previously diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, and bipolar disorder. After 2 years of being admitted into Bay County Medical Facility, roughly in July of 2015, was diagnosed with stage II kidney disease, which lead to him developing anemia and hypertension (HTN). According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes starts to cause damage to the renal system by exerting lots of extra stress on the filters of the kidneys. After many years of stress being put on the kidneys, red blood cells and proteins begin to leak through into the filtration system,
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