The Environmental Threat Of Aviation

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As the international community becomes intertwined, the aviation industry has to be at the forefront to be ready for this occurrence. Aviation is engrained into the everyday lives of citizens in developed nation; and developing nations are also being exposed to aviation when it expands globally. With the foreseen growth in this field, there is going to be unavoidable problems, which allow the opportunity to address the problems. The biggest possible environmental threat to aviation is a lack of knowledge. In today’s media, global warming and other environmental topics that are played with politicians. The United States’ Congress can’t even come to a definite conclusion that global warming exists. This could be due to some’s desire for dependence upon fossil fuels. Nonetheless, it takes away from the credibility of the severity of the implications of global warming. Also, the aviation community doesn’t fully understand of effects of the results of flying. For example, CO2 emissions are a well-known resultant of flying but that is far as the scope goes. However, other emissions created from flying are widely known. “Some researchers predict that these gases have a far greater effect than CO2 when emitted in the higher levels of the atmosphere. A UK government report recommends applying a multiplier of 1.9 to the effect of CO2 emissions to estimate the effects of non-CO2 greenhouse gases” (Civil Aviation Industry). In other words, the more critical emissions aren’t the top

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