The Environmentally Friendly Vehicle in Our Life

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Question: Describe the development of the car from its earliest beginnings to the present day. Outline projects which are currently being researched and/or developed. Based on your findings, how do you think cars will develop in the future? Use specific examples and provide evidence from appropriate references to explain your answer. In the second industrial revolution, there was a revolutionary development of a vehicle called car. From then on, car began to change our life during these years . Today, car has become more and more useful for us to travel from place to another. I believe that in future , car can use more kind of fuels and have a better ability at energy conservation. The history of car is really a legend. The…show more content…
Then electric motor provides a quieter, smoother operation and stronger acceleration than internal-combustion engine. The most important reason is that electric car is environmentally friendly . Electric car won’t emit tailpipe pollution. But the challenges of electric car are exist now. The cost of battery will be very expensive and the recharge time is really long even the “quick charge” need half an hour. The weight of electric car is still need to be improved, just like hundreds years ago the same challenge of internal-combustion engine car. Another kind of fuels called hybrid energy. Hybrid car can combine a conventional engine with a battery-powered electric motor to improved performance of fuels. Hybrid energy can saves 30% to 50% of fuel compared with oil energy (Matthew L James, 2009). Hybrid car combine advanced electronics and computerized drive-trains to improved fuel economy. A hybrid car can get a smaller internal-combustion engine than a conventional car. It can reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. In 1989, Audi produced a plug-in parallel hybrid with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels. By 1998, a Toyota RAV4 sport utility, the Honda EV Plus sedan, and the Chrysler EPIC minivan were all equipped with nickel metal hydride battery packs (Matthew L James, 2009). However, the cost of the battery and the fuel is a big problem for consumer. It’s difficult to store the hybrid fuel now, so hybrid fuel is only available for

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