The Epic Hero Faces Death !

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Krishma Sohani
Professor Stelzer
Great Works Of Literature 2315-07
18 September 2015 The Epic Hero Faces Death!
The Odyssey is known to be one of the most famous works of literature in history. The protagonist, Odysseus, has gone through many hardships and obstacles to reach his final destination and homeland, Ithaca. Throughout his journey, Odysseus encountered various trials and overcame each one with utmost courage and sportsmanship. One of his most famous encounters occurs at the Land of the Dead, where he learns of his prophecy from Tiresias, the blind prophet, and essential information needed to get home. Throughout Book 11, Odysseus shows a very gentle, sad, and accepting character in many aspects.
Odysseus faces many obstacles in this expedition, both physically and mentally. At this point in the book, he is very confused and clueless as to what he should do next. Circe guides him with specific instructions to his next step which will lead him closer to home. To begin with, he must travel to the land of the Cimmerians and dig up a trench as soon as he arrives and pour an offering to the Dead with specific ingredients. He must be careful enough to alert the ghosts and attract them, while at the same time, keeping the blood from the pit, away from all other spirits, until he is able to encounter Tiresias. A mental obstacle he faces is his encounter with his mother. It is a shock for him to see her in the Land of the Dead. He tries to hug his mother three times but…

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