The Epic Of All Time

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Velvet-colored dirt paints a dusty look among the soldiers, the war is almost over. The Iliad by Homer was written nearly 2700 years ago. It is a poetic novel consisting of books rather than chapters, and was an accumulative of stories throughout many years due to the literary storage resources available. There is speculation as to whether Homer has ever existed due to the enigma that there is no evidence supporting his life. This is often considered one of the greatest literary mysteries of all time. Regardless, after nine years the war between the Greeks and Trojans continues outside of Troy over a woman named Helen. Throughout the book, tensions rise between the Greeks and Trojans, particularly Achilles and Hector, and at the end of…show more content…
A quality of an epic hero that is demonstrated by Achilles and not Hector is that they have enemies whom force them to further a difficult task. Achilles is able to fight harder by being resilient towards Agamemnon, who is his enemy. “Will Agamemnon win me over? Not for all of the world, nor will the rest of the Achaean armies.”(262). By declaring that he will not be won over by the Achaean armies, he is devoting himself to the Trojan side, and therefore, will fight hard for the Trojans. Achilles dedicated his life to the war, “Now he no longer haunted the meeting grounds where men win glory, now he no longer went to war but day after day he ground his heart out, waiting there, yearning, always yearning for battle cries and combat.”(94). This passion was influenced by the Achaeans, including Agamemnon, whom are enemies that made him fight with such ferocity. Hector lacked in this epic hero trait as his main enemy is only the Achaeans. He states “The Father nods his head in assent, I see, at last he grants me glory, triumph-the Argives, bloody death. Fools, erecting their rampart! Flimsy and futile, not worth a second thought.”(237). This quote demonstrates apathy towards the Argives rather than arising motivation. It supports that Hector does not have an inspiring enemy. As a result of the presence of this trait, Achilles is a more qualified candidate for an epic hero. Both Hector and Achilles were assisted by powerful friends who helped them. Achilles was
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