The Epic Of An Epic

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In Literature, an epic is defined as a long poem, in which there are one or more heroes. The hero in the epics typically possesses god-like powers that allows for them to stand out in the midst of peculiar paranormal. As stated in unit one textual handout, the hero in an epic more than likely will have the fate of the entire nation, or human race depending on them to save their life or their offspring’s lives. An epic usually takes place in a vast geographic setting covering multiple cultures. There are also stylistic elements that are often present in the epic. For example, the style of writing is elevated and even often ceremonial and is sustained in tone and language throughout the narrative. In addition, the epic often begins with a prayer or an invocation to the Muse for inspiration in telling the story. The word "inspired" has different meanings in different cultures. In addition to these mentioned characteristics, most epic poems conventions have common themes. For example, epics are “in medias res”, In Medias Res is Latin for "it begins in the middle of things". Specifically, in Iliad, for example, the tale begins after the war between Greece and the forces of the walled city of Troy has been on going for approximately ten years. Another example of an epic starting in the middle can be found in the Odyssey. In the Odyssey, the story begins with the most of Odysseus ' journey already finished. The story up to that point is then told through flashbacks of Odysseus '

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