The Epic Of Beowulf

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Beowulf is a wonderful tale. It is exciting, interesting, and all around fun to read. It is categorized as an epic poem. It fits all of the characteristics. It is elongated and follows the journey of a great warrior. I believe that it portrays this genre perfectly. An epic poem is a long, narrative poem that involves some sort of heroic action. Epic poems usually follow a hero’s journey where he executes heroic tasks, wins battles, and many times performs miracles involving sometimes superhuman strengths. An epic is lengthy and often book-length. The Story of Beowulf is epic. He is an amazing leader and a very gifted warrior. Beowulf travels to distant places to rid the world of horrid monsters. He saved many people in his lifetime and has…show more content…
“And you struggled for seven long nights/ To survive” (L. 250-251). It is incredible to be able to swim for seven nights. It is also very incredible for Beowulf to be able to fight sea monsters during a seven nights swim. “A monster seized me, drew me/ Swiftly toward the bottom” (l. 286-287). Beowulf slayed that sea monster, and what seemed like several more. “By morning they’d decided to sleep on the shore, / Lying on their backs, their blood spilled out/ On the sand” (l. 298-300).
Beowulf’s final battle takes place fifty years after the battle with Grendel. Beowulf is now an old man. Most old men cannot fight all that well; However, Beowulf will be a warrior until the day he dies. In this battle Beowulf will be fighting a dragon. Only a true hero will be able to destroy a dragon. Beowulf still manages to end the dragon’s life even though he is much older than the previous battles.
The story of Beowulf Definitely fits the characteristics of an epic poem. In the story Beowulf saved Herot and many more people. He was a hero. He showed powerfulness in each of his battles such as ripping off Grendel’s arm, wielding a heavy sword made by giants, swimming long distances, and killing a dragon at a pretty old
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