The Epic Of Gilgamesh Analysis

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Gilgamesh “The Epic of Gilgamesh” by Herbert Mason is just that, epic. One of the oldest stories to ever be written Gilgamesh is well advanced for its time. This story follows the life of Gilgamesh and his half beast, half man best friend Enkidu, who together go on a journey into the forest to kill Humbaba the guardian of the cedar forest. Gilgamesh is the best example of a story in which the main character matures and developes throughout the story. The different characters that he encounters throughout the story help him with his personal growth.
The epic starts with the author portraying Gilgamesh as a cruel and unjust ruler. “As a king, Gilgamesh was a tyrant to his people. “He demanded, from an old birthright, the privilege of sleeping with their brides before the husbands were permitted.”(p.15). The people of Uruk were abused by Gilgamesh and were tired of his tyrant ways. “They knew his world was old and cluttered with spoiled
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“Gilgamesh listened but he had heard so many stories of the wondrous creatures of the Forest and the Steppe that he could hardly be aroused. He sent the prostitute but then he forgot what he had listened to.” (p.17). Gilgamesh was a selfish and arrogant ruler who did not listen to people’s complaints he easily forgot about them. “Gilgamesh spoke then: We go to kill the Evil One, Humbaba. We must prove ourselves more powerful than he. Enkidu was afraid of the forest of Humbaba and urged him not to go,but he was not as strong as Gigamesh in argument, they had embraced and made their vows To stay together always, No matter what the obstacle.”(p.27). Gilgamesh not only but his life in danger when he decided to go into the kill Humbaba but he also but the life of Enkidu in danger. He wouldn’t even take advice from Enkdu even though he knew more about the forset then Gilgamesh
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