The Epic Of The Ramayana

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The Ramayana The story Ramayan is the oldest version, is the basis of all the various versions of the Ramayana that are related to the many cultures. The current text of Valmiki Ramayana is collaboration of two parts from the north and the south of India. Valmiki, the writer of Ramayana has been usually divided into seven books which all are dealing with the life of Rama from his birth date to his death date.
The Main hero Rama, was a prince in the city of Ayodya which is the capital of Kosala kingdom, sometimes mentioned to as raghuvansham The storystarts just before his birth and ends after his death when his two sons ascend to power.
Dashrath who was the Father of Rama and the the king of kosala, who believed in god and the god had given him strong power to fight against their enemies. He had three queens and four sons named Rama, Lakshaman and Shatrugan (twins), and Bhart. Rama, being the eldest, is being turned-out as the future king. All the brothers were very close to each other, but Lakshmana formed the closest bond with Rama. Together, they are trained in archery. Vishvamitra, one of the famous seven savants acc. To Hindu Mythology. Janaka who was the king of other state, one day made a contest to select the best prince for his daughter Named Sita (also called Janaki). Rama won the contest and returned home to Ayodhya with his new bride.
Now ,The time came for Dasaratha to select Rama as the next king. kaikeyi, the third queen of Dasharath, reminded him his
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