The Epic Poetry Of The Epic Of Beowulf

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It was an epic of the Germanic time, a poem of a noble man with high power, who strived to be a victorious hero. Beowulf is one of the oldest poems of the old English language to have survived (Raffel 30). As a story that has withstood this epic and heroic-age, Beowulf shows how, for the Anglo-Saxon cultures of the time, the value these cultures placed on war and what they considered to be a hero.
Written around the eighth and tenth centuries, “surviving in a single tattered manuscript, its edges burned by fire, Beowulf provides a startlingly vivid glimpse into the early medieval past. Written in Old English, with a vocabulary that would have seemed old fashioned even to its very first audience, the poem recalls a heroic age in which monsters stalked men by night, dragons guarded hoards of precious gems and heirlooms swords, and heroes carried out great deeds of warfare that would later be commemorated by song and feast” (Puchner 107). It has no known author and no known date of when this story was originally first told. It can be thought as one of the greatest stories to travel our world and make an impact on more than one generation. As " Epic poetry has been and continues to be used by peoples all over the world to transmit their traditions from one generation to another, without the aid of writing. These traditions frequently consist of legendary narratives about the glorious deeds of their national heroes"(Yoshida). Since these narratives did not need to be

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