The Epic of Gilgamesh

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It is a story about a heroic king named Gilgamesh, who treated his people in a nasty way. He was a domineering, and cruel leader, feared by many because of his unnatural strength. He forced his people into labor in order to expand his kingdom. The people cried unto the gods and they created Gilgamesh’s equal Enkidu, who they later became friends. Gilgamesh witnessed the death of his close friend Enkidu, and this made him to search for immortality because, he was afraid to die. However, he learnt that, no human was immortal, and that he was destined to die, just like his friend Enkidu. In this poem, one is able to learn that, all human beings are destined to die. As much as we might strongly desire to live forever, the inevitable truth is that, death in inevitable and all will die. Gilgamesh thought, because he was half man and half god that he is immortal, but to his surprise, only gods are immortal, but all human beings are destined to die someday. If human beings were given a choice to become immortal, everyone would go for it, just as Gilgamesh feared death and wished that he were immortal. Gilgamesh embarked on a journey in search for eternal life, only to come back facing the truth that he will never have eternal life. Siduri tells him that, “You will never find that life for which you are looking. When the gods created man, they allotted him death, but life they…
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