The Epidemic Growth Of Information Technology

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The epidemic growth of information technology has integrated the world into a global economy where exchange of information is very easy, and with this ease of access to information opens up new opportunities for cyber- criminal activities. According to Nir Kshetri cybercrimes is defined “as criminal activities that uses computers or computer networks as the main means of committing a crime over the internet. Examples include cyber-theft, cyber-trespass, cyber obscenity, critical infrastructure attacks and cyber-extortions”(Kshetri, 2009).
In the medical sector the congress approval of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act in 2009 made an impact on the ease of access to patient medical records. Most physician offices and health care institutions responded to the mandate to create electronic health care records and did away with paper records (Rustagi, Singh 2012). With this mandate came the outpouring growth of medical identity theft and potential for fraud in the medical industry.
The objective of this paper is to explore the hypothesis that data breaches and cybercriminal activity are increasing at a significant rate in the medical sector thus resulting to an increase rate of medical identity theft, with the ultimate goal of Suggesting strategies to reduce data breaches.
Research Questions
The research question for this study include the following: Has the growth of medical identity theft increased in the medical sector?
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