The Epidemic Of Aids And Aids

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AIDS, also known as (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is definitely one of the most deadliest disease that has hit the Earth in all of human existence. With all the medicine that can help a person with this disease they still haven’t cured it. The ways that the AIDS cells can reproduce different kinds of AIDS cells, and plus the ways that a person can get the disease. These reasons are why AIDS are so far incurable for humanity.
AIDS is a medical condition that a person has when their immune system is too weak to fight off infections. AIDS is a updated or worst form of HIV that aggressively attacks the immune system. A person with AIDS can have 200 white cells or lower. The virus AIDS is known to attack and kill the white blood cells so that they can’t fight off the infections in your body. The AIDS cells make their way inside of the cells in your body then start to reproduce and kill that cell. No cell that the AIDS cells reproduce are the same. That is why there is no cure for the AIDS or HIV virus, also known as (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).The only thing that the doctors can do is slow down the reproduction process. AIDS was first found in Africa and Africa has an outstanding amount of AIDS victims. Scientist believe that AIDS came from monkeys. Monkeys have cells of AIDS in their blood, and since the people in Africa eat the monkeys the AIDS cells gets into their bloodstream and starts to attack. Really no one knows the real reason that people have AIDS but

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