The Epidemic Of Disease On The Continent Of Africa

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The topic of disease on the continent of Africa has been discussed in increasing frequency over the past three decades. Ideas regarding disease tend to center around the idea that disease can be eliminated by a one-step cure. This viewpoint is flawed because it excludes other factors influencing disease. In this paper, I will argue that there are many factors that influence the presence of disease on a continent. More specifically, I will be focusing on Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in the countries of Kenya, Uganda, and the Congo. To do this, I will explore publications focused on how the history of disease, colonialism, the environment, social environment, and influence of organizations from countries outside the continent have influenced the spread and current prevalence of HAT. First, I will provide an overview of HAT and its outbreak history on the continent. Next, I will discuss the important environmental factors that have caused the continued presence of the disease. In addition, I will look at how the social environment on the continent has facilitated the spread of the disease. Finally, I will explain how countries outside the continent have affected the disease. Understanding how these factors influence the interaction among disease and humans is vital for developing a plan to eliminate not only HAT, but other diseases on the continent as well.
Human African Trypanosomiasis is a disease spread by the bite of a tsetse fly. Once an individual is bitten, a…
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