The Epidemic Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one of the growing illnesses becoming very common today. The acronym for this virus is HIV. More than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV and almost 1 out of 8 are unaware of this infection. There are over 50,000 new infections per year. It has impacted our society greatly. In 2010, President Obama made the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. It really affects the youth of the African American culture especially men who have sex with men. By race, African Americans have the biggest burden with HIV. The average survival time of having this disease is 9 to 11 years; depending on the HIV subtype. In 2010, a study also found that wealth determines vulnerability to this disease. HIV was found four…show more content…
This can happen through unprotected sex including vaginal, anal and oral sex for specifics. Another way to get HIV is sharing sex toys with someone who is infected which is classified as behaviors that can be the cause of this problem. Another way to get HIV is perinatal transmission. Perinatal transmission is when the mother passes the infection to her child during the childbirth, pregnancy and even breastfeeding. The mother passing this virus is considered one of the genetic factors to this problem. The final way of transmitting HIV is through blood transfusion. Among drug users, sharing and reusing syringes contaminated with HIV-infected blood is really dangerous. Even when receiving tattoos and piercings, you are at risk for HIV depending on the new or used needles. There are socioeconomic factors affecting HIV including poverty, discrimination, prevalence of HIV, high rates of undiagnosed/ untreated STDs, and higher rates of incarceration among men. Poverty can limit the access to health care, HIV testing, and medications that can lower the levels of HIV in the blood and help prevent transmission. Discrimination makes it far too prevalent in many communities which may discourage some to seek testing, prevention and treatment services. The prevalence of HIV makes each sexual encounter at risk for infection if more people are living with it in those communities. When you have unprotected sex with one person, you are
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