The Epidemic Of Infectious Diseases

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This chain of infection develops when each link connects to the other. That means it must links up together in order to be infectious diseases. However, the breaking away of any of the link will mean that, transmission of infection is stopped. On the other hand, breaking of any chain can stop the transmission of infection. The concept (infectious diseases) have been one of the major killers of both living and nonliving things and this term was recently replaced with chronic diseases as well as injuries as primary killers in the United States of America (Scutchfield, 2003). However, the main advances of infectious disease control to date have been the use of food and water protection as well as immunizations. This will be viewed as how it’s transmitted from one person to the other.

Recent research shows that, there are three major means by which infections can be transmitted and they include direct transmission, indirect transmission and airborne transmission (Hinman, Wasserheit and Kamb,1995). Direct transmission occurs when the physical contact between an infected person and susceptible person (division of public health, 2011). A typical example is a person with infectious disease like STDs/HIV passes the diseases to the healthy person through sexual contact, blood contact or body fluids. Examples of direct contact include, touching, sexual intercourse, kissing, contact with oral secretions or even body lesions. However, measles and chicken pox are said to be conditions
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