The Epidemic Of South Africa

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HIV is a virus that affects human immune systems making them susceptible to a variety of diseases that may prove fatal to the patient. Apparently the most affected by this disease are people who live in the developing countries and the African continent. The Sub-Saharan Africa faces the highest HIV prevalence rate. In this region, South Africa faces greater problems associated with HIV and the effects are vast and devastating. As such, the government, organizations and regional organizations come together to fight the menace. This paper seeks to propose that South Africa is actively engaged in HIV control by exploring the various ways in which it undertakes to control and prevent the long suffering of the infected persons as well as prevent further advancement of the virus. Foremost, it is a universally understood fact that HIV/AIDS is one of the most challenging forms of pandemics that have hit the world over the years. Ever since its discovery in the early 1980s, this disease has become a menace to many people in the world and has proven not to go away any time soon. Over the years it has claimed many lives leaving many people bereaved as well as many children orphaned (Bongmba 17). Apart from sexual transmission, other ways of getting the disease from an infected could be through exchange of body fluids such as saliva; if the healthy individual has a wound that gets into contact with the contaminated fluid, through sharing of contaminated sharp objects such as

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