The Epidemic Of The Aids Epidemic

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The AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, consisted entirely of deaths, illnesses and most of all fear, changing the way society viewed gay men. Being that it was only happening to homosexuals and everyone became super homophobic and believed that the disease was a cause of being gay until it started happening to women too. This affected the entire medical metaphysics in society on what is considered safe methods of having sex and health precautions as well. Before the 1980s hit HIV was thought to originate form Kinshasa which is in Congo. In the 1920 HIV crossed between chimpanzees to humans on the Democratic Republic of humans.(Avert 1). AIDS is caused by HIV and is the last stage of HIV and can lead to death. It attacks every single organ in the body.Before the 1980s HIV did not have any noticeable symptoms and transmission was still unknown. The United States was at the center of the AIDS epidemic. It was first noticed by doctors, being found in gay men living in California,specifically Los Angeles. An epidemic in that nature affected society socially and medically. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome epidemic during the 80’s changed many lives. Beginning in 1981 there was government report announcing that five homosexual men had contracted what they thought to be a weird case of pneumonia. This was the first word about what we know today as AIDS. Before the AIDS epidemic the Gay community was emerging and in the 1950s the Mattachine Society was founded. The…

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