The Epidemic Of The Measles Vaccination Essay

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Let 's say your child is sick and you do not understand why. The symptoms your child is showing are similar to that of the flu. You took your child to the hospital to find out that your child has the measles, a disease that is usually avoided with a vaccination. At the time you did not believe that your child needed to be vaccinated, but now that your child has contracted something that was preventable you regret your decision. The Measles vaccination has been in America since 1965 stated by the American Journal of Public Health. (Hendriks, Blume, 2013) Measles start off with flu like symptoms and it usually takes a few days for the physical part of the measles to appear. It does however disappear within two or three weeks after all the symptoms appear, but the possibility of having pneumonia or brain inflammation is high.
If you were that parent, then would you decide to allow your child to get vaccinated? Why would one think that vaccinations, a thing that has protected children of all ages from diseases since the 18th century would be considered bad? There are so many vaccinations given at one time, it could possibly weaken a child’s immune system. All those vaccines at once will not hurt your child, better yet; it strengthens your child’s immune system from the many diseases that are out in the world. Actually, infant’s immune systems are a lot stronger than people think. It has been said that vaccinations could give a child autism. There has been plenty of research to
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