The Epidemic Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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On September 2nd 2011, a Twenty-four year old man from Cincinnati named Kyle Willis´ fell victim to the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry(Gann, Carrie). Willis had a severe toothache on his wisdom tooth that resulted in its extraction. After the surgery, Willis´s face started to swell and was sent to the emergency room. He was prescribed antibiotic medications and also painkillers in order to follow standard recovery procedure. Kyle Willis’ could not afford both drugs so he just purchased the pain killers because of the swelling unbearable pain. The infection continued to spread into his brain which lead to severe brain swelling and eventually Kyle Willis’ death. Kyle Willis’ died because he could not afford the medication that…show more content…
Side effects of toxoplasmosis include brain inflammation, headaches, seizures, comatosis, lung infection and many more side effects. The drug Daraprim has been around a long time of 60 years, and is a standard treatment for those who are infected with HIV and other parasitic infections(Pollack, Andrew.). Former hedge fund manager, Martin Shkreli, and his pharmaceutical company known as Turing Pharmaceuticals purchased the drug which was priced at 13.50 per pill(Pollack, Andrew.). What Martin Shkreli did with his purchase of the pill wise hike the price up over 5000% making the pill cost $750 per pill(Pollack, Andrew.). This forces hospitals to use different treatments which are not as effective as the pill Daraprim. Turing Pharmaceuticals is not the only one to manipulate, drug prices in such a manner. Cycloserine, a drug used for tuberculosis, raised the price of its drug from $500 dollars for 30 pills, to $10,800 for 30 pills(Pollack, Andrew.). A California based Pharmaceutical company, Gilead, charged up to $1000 for a new ¨wonder¨ drug called Sovaldi, which treats the lethal Hepatitis-C virus(Pollack, Andrew.). There is a trend of making the most useful drugs cost a ridiculous amount of money; and it is because of financial reasons. According to the U.S Department of Health and Sciences more than 3.2 million people have chronic Hepatitis-C, and drugs like Sovaldi have very little competition, making them able to manipulate
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