The Epidemic Of West Nile Virus

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To identify the spread of every infectious disease known to infect the human population is problematic. The whereabouts of how certain viruses migrated from its known origin in the Eastern Hemisphere over to the Western Hemisphere is still unclear in relation to West Nile virus (Nelson & Williams, 2014). There are only theories behind the routes on how the virus spread to North America, perhaps the migration of birds infected with West Nile virus, or through the means of creating bioterrorism of weaponizing a virus. West Nile virus, unlike most viruses, are not deadly, but is still considered a public health concern due to the lack of understanding of how the development of the disease is unclear. It is evident that further research needs…show more content…
According Suthar, Diamond, & Gale (2013), neuroinvasive is the ability of the virus to enter the central nervous system (CNS) and thrive efficiently within target cells to cause infection (p. 116). The outbreaks in the U.S. resulted to surveillance of birds and mosquitoes on a geographical distribution, to use it as a prediction for future and current human WNV cases (CDC, 1999) as well as, the vector control program. Since 1999, the West Nile virus spread geographically throughout North America, except for two states, Alaska and Hawaii, which till this day does not have occurrences of WNV statistically shown by the CDC (2014). The introduction of the WNV resulted in the United States centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to initiate what was known as the National West Nile Virus Surveillance System for 2000. These objectives include: 1. To monitor the potential geographic and temporal spread of WN virus over the eastern and southern U.S. 2. To further develop national public health strategies for WN virus surveillance. 3. To develop a more complete regional picture of the geographic distribution and incidence of the other clinically important arboviruses in the eastern and western U.S. 4. To
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