The Epidemic Of West Nile Virus

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West Nile virus is the most significant exotic mosquito-borne disease that has come to the contiguous United States in the last century. Outbreaks have proven extremely difficult to predict and control and have been associated with considerable morbidity. The large outbreak in 2012, which caught many by surprise, indicates that West Nile virus will remain a formidable public health challenge for years to come (“FAQ: West Nile Virus,” par. 3).
That is the troubling account of Dr. Lyle Peterson, specialist in the field of infectious disease control on the condition of West Nile Virus entering the United States. Though West Nile has affected many different regions, Africa has had the worst death rates. Conditions and diagnostics reveal that the disease is real and has some very dangerous effects. There are many actions being put forth to stop the rapid spread, but there are also some factors preventing countries from issuing control techniques such as costs and environmental considerations. The origin and history of West Nile need to be analyzed to predict where it will be in the future and know how it became as large as it is now. Additionally, the main problem lies in the fact that there are so many prime areas for the main carrier, the mosquito, to thrive in. Indeed, this all leads to the rampant condition of West Nile Virus the world faces today, the worst that it has ever been.
West Nile Virus has been carried from one country to the next with the main conclusion that it
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