Essay about The Epidemic Taking Over America’s Future

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October 15, 2010, the movie “The Social Network” was released and later received over $220 million dollars in revenue. The reason this movie received such a high amount of revenue is because of all the teenage users of social networking sites. This makes the debatable case of whether social networking is considered unhealthy for teenagers. But through common sense and logic, anyone can see that it should be considered a negative aspect because it encourages procrastination, creates a false sense of security, and allows teenagers to explore the option of suicide. Having the option of either talking to friends or completing homework, the adult would hopefully choose the responsible action of completing homework. But in the mind of a…show more content…
In reality, these people with these developed habits would get fired or not be employed at all. Social networks are time-consuming, thus able to encourage the procrastinator. “For many of our kids there is little or no ‘down time.’ Some have difficulty disengaging from their social life. For some, it even raises their anxiety level to be without their cell phones for a few hours!” (Fodeman, and Monroe) This shows that teenagers are addicted and that with such availability of connecting to a social networking site, procrastination is unenviable. Another effect that social networking has on teenagers that can be labeled as “unhealthy” is the creation of a false sense of security online. For example, 20% of colleges and universities check social networking sites for possible candidates(""). This shows that what teenagers post online can go against them. Perhaps a “wild night out” can lead an acceptance letter to a refusal letter. But these refusal letters usually aren’t specific in reasons why they declined the candidate. To teenagers, they don’t realize what they’re posting online is actually going against them. Another intriguing fact is that students have been eschewed from colleges as well as jobs because of slander or defamation of another user. (Fodeman, and Monroe) If students don’t realize what harm they are causing because of quick statuses referring to their social life, they will believe that the fact their status is “online” they are
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