Essay about The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity in the United States

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1. MLA Citation of Article
Li, Nan, Donna Storbino, Ahmed Saifuddin, and Cynthia S. Minkovitz. "Is There a Healthy Foreign Born Effect for Childhood Obesity in the United States?."Matern Child Health. 15. (2011): 310-323. Web. 20 Mar. 2014.
2. Purpose/Main Idea of Article.
The purpose of the article is to explore factors associated with early childhood obesity, particularly focusing on whether having a foreign born mother can protect a child from weight-related problems.
3. Information (three important facts) the author uses to support the purpose:
A. The child obesity epidemic remains a major public concern in the United States and other countries.
B. According to the data provided by the National Health and Nutritional Examination
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6. Implications/Consequences: If you accept the author’s position, what are the implications/consequences? What will happen?
The possible implications of the study include focusing on the issue of woman's health in investigating ways to tackle increased obesity among children. This issue leaves much space for further research, since weight gain in the early childhood is a significant factor, often taken for granted in comparison with numerous nutritional and behavioral recommendations for children and adults. What is more, it is consistent with the growing interest in applying a life-course approach to the study of health-related problems, which is a powerful tool for investigating the chronic diseases as a lifelong dynamic process caused by social, genetic, biological, and other factors.
7. Point of View: What is the author’s point of view? What other points of view are possible?
The authors' point of view is that although there is no scientific evidence of the “healthy foreign-born effect” for childhood obesity in the USA, the period of infancy and early childhood is highly significant for predicting health and weight-related problems. However, other points of view also exist, particularly concerning “healthy immigrants effect”, which have a number of proponents.
8. Questions: What questions does the author raise? What questions do YOU have after reading this article?
The question the author raises is what are the other factors and
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