The Epithet in the Novel "Jane Eyre"

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INTRODUCTION The present course- paper is devoted to the comprehensive study of stylistic device – the epithet in the literary work “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. The topicality of chosen by us theme lies in the fact that a human being perceives the reality by means of various images. These images exist everywhere: in art, in nature, in thoughts, and in speech in particular. Each of us at least ones created an image. We use different means (stylistic expressive means and devices) to achieve the aim. In our research we would like to concentrate our attention on “epithet”, a figure of speech which gives the opportunity to create the most expressive and vivid images. Despite the fact that there are many works devoted to the problem…show more content…
The practical value of the work lies in the fact that the results of the investigation can be used in the courses of lectures in stylistics, seminars in style and text interpretation and also can be useful for practical courses of English language. The novel “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte is used as linguistic material for our research. In this work there were used the following methods of linguistic analysis: word’s definitions analysis, contextual-situative and text analysis for revealing the informational value of epithet. The present course-paper includes the following sections: introduction, two chapters, conclusions, bibliography and appendix. In Introduction we present reasons for choosing this theme and give the description of the paper. In Chapter I we give some theoretical information about Stylistics, style, stylistic devices and functional styles. Also we try to reveal the nature of epithets and their classification. In Chapter II we propose basic information about Charlotte Bronte and her novel “Jane Eyre” and analyze choice of epithets from his novel applying the received knowledge. In Conclusions we summarize the results which were obtained while carrying out our research. In Bibliography we propose the list of the consulted books with the names of their authors and years of their

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