The Equal Participation Of Men And Women

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There have been many changes related to the equal participation of men and women in the contemporary society, but it is still a major social issue that raises curiosity and questioning depending on the standpoint of each individual. The articles written by the two authors discourse about the subject of gender equality, however, each piece approaches the topic from very unalike perspectives. Some people, such as the author Donna Laframboise, believe that feminism and the fight for the female rights have brought certain lack of attention to the boys culminating in psychological disorders in males. Others, like Stevie Cameron, assume that it is an issue that has remained fairly unchanged compared to what it used to be in the past and it is still far from the ideal representation of equality.
According to Donna Laframboise, the society has work consistently toward the feminism bringing as a result a distorted perception of sex discrimination, in which men are being put aside. The author points out that males, especially in their childhood and youth, have to face countless distresses; they are more likely to be physically abused, they are more prone to alcoholism and gambling addiction, to drop out of school and face unemployment. As a consequence, the combination of all these disappoints leads male individuals to deal with shortened life expectancy and even a higher rate of suicide compared to the rates related to women. Even when men are so exposed to problems that apparently…
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