The Equal Pay Act Of 1963 Essay

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A. Equal Pay Act of 1963 is an integral part on JetBlue’s behalf showing they go above and beyond to ensure proper pay. Pay was specifically structured for each position. Some pay structures even had multiple options with contracts designated to improve loyalty. EPA of 1967 was passed to deter gender equality in pay. JetBlue utilize their value to evaluate performance for pay incentives and tailored each pay grades to the job detail. Civil Rights Act of 1866 was created to cease racial inequality. With values such as caring and integrity JetBlue has distinguish themselves as pioneer in diversity. The way they care for each employee to both retain their high ratings and prevent unions from forming have been the key to their success. Having senior managements from different regions of the nation has given voice to the different views of operation. The different views have created a harmonized approach for all contracts of employment. Sustained with regular meetings to understand underlying conflicts and recognize what is important for each individual employee no matter white or minority. The way employees view their pay is in most case how they are viewed they are treated. JetBlue recognizes that great happy employees are the main reason for success. Comparable worth sometimes distinguish the responsibility of each job. Comparable worth is an extension of the Equal Pay Act and requires that the responsibilities and intellectual analysis is considered when negotiating pay.

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