The Equal Rights Movement Of Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee Essay

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Daniel Hollingsworth Campbell English Honors 2 9/10/16 Independent Reading Journal One: Part one To Kill a Mockingbird, by: Harper Lee. A historical fiction novel. Published in 1960, near the end of the equal rights movement. Protagonists: Scout Finch (Full name: Jean Louise Finch), a young girl who is narrates the story, most events happen around her as she comes of age. She 's a tomboy and doesn 't accept her new place in society. She is usually manipulated by her older brother into doing things she may not want to do. Jem Finch (Full name: Jeremey Atticus Finch), Scout 's older brother who is obsessed with the story of Boo Radley. He risks his safety to see Boo. Jem can be a bossy character that sometimes takes control of his sister, and thinks he is justified due to his age. Jem also finds many loopholes in his father 's rules and exploits them. Atticus Finch, the father of Scout and Jem, works at a lawyer in Maycomb. He treats his children like adults, despite their age. Jem and Scout call him Atticus out of what seems to be respect. Atticus is open minded and willingly defends Tom Robinson even though he knows he 'll be shunned for it. Atticus would rather show Jem and Scout the truth than let them live in ignorant bliss. (One problem with his character, he has little to no flaws, it makes him kind of bland sometimes. Antagonists: Bob Ewell, is the father of Mayella Ewell. He will do anything to make sure his daughter doesn 't get any punishment for her acts. He
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