The Equal Rights Of The Sexes Movement

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The Equal Rights of the Sexes Movement Women have been fighting the fight for women’s rights for a long time. In fact, evidence can be traced back centuries of women’s desire for equality. Specifically, women have fought for their rights in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The eighteenth century had its share of freedom supporters. The eighteenth century is a time of the included focus points of the daughters of liberty, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Judith Sargent Murray. Right after the revolution the country of America strived to find and meet standards and wishes for freedom that they fought for in war. As Americans looked to create a sound government women laid their mark on American history. The daughters of liberty include many women that participated in the public sphere. One of those daughters of liberty is Abigail Adams. One of the first listened to and most noted voices let out the phrase “remember the ladies”. Brilliantly, as a promoter of the revolutionary cause, Abigail sets the stage and gives voice to the position women as a whole are at as the revolution has ended and creation and consolidation of freedom as they knew it was at hand. The daughters of liberty were women supporting the war effort, boycotting the British, and cross dressing to fight in the war. As the creation of a nation comes to be after the American Revolution Abigail becomes a leading voice of what women of that time have come and have been coming to. In her letter to John Adams, she

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