The Equity Theory

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The Arctic Mining Consultants crew, led by Tom Parker, had a job to stake a claim of almost 60 miles of line. The job was budgeted for seven days, requiring that each of us would be required to complete a little over seven “lengths” per day. My name is John Talbot. I was one of the three field assistants hired by Parker to complete the project. If all four of us could complete the 7+ lengths per day over the seven day period, we would each be awarded a $300 bonus. Unfortunately, the job was not completed on time, with a shortfall of a mere 2.5 lengths, and we did not receive the bonus. This analysis will focus on the areas of Motivation, Groups and Teamwork/Power. Issues surrounding these areas contributed to our failing to complete…show more content…
Parker wanted to finish the job in the time allowed at any cost. Need for Power In addition to his need for achievement, Parker demonstrated his need for power by monitoring the groups progress thoroughly, as well as underlining the desired performance to reach the overall goal. In his own view, he perceived his own ideas to be dominant over those of the field assistants. My effort to help improve the performance of the group by trading stake claim areas with Millar was not supported by Parker. Parker may have felt that I was taking away some of the power he had by making a decision above him. His decision to ignore my suggestion changed the outcome of meeting the deadline. If Millar received a break from this difficult staking area, he could have performed better in the long run. It is almost unavoidable not to feel in need of power when you are in charge of hiring, training, and supervising field assistants for all of the programs for the company. Parker felt that he had some sort of power over the crew members, since they had worked for him before. He seeked the power of a leadership role but his frustrations led him to manage the group very poorly, resulting in his objectives to be not met. Need for Affiliation Parker did not show any need of affiliation since he was already in charge. His need to feel accepted by the team did not apply and he showed no need to keep harmonious
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