The Era Of America After The Antebellum Period

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It is believed that the beginning of a task is often the most important as well as the most difficult, because it consists of discovering the basis to success with a greater chance of failure. The establishment of America after gaining independence from Great Britain relied heavily on the foundations set during the antebellum period, which is often classified as the period of time before the civil war. During such vital time in American history came a number of fundamental Supreme Court cases. The outcome of various cases significantly shaped the future of America into the country we know today. Perhaps some of the most important cases include Marbury v. Madison, Gibbons v. Ogden, and Dred Scott v. Sandford. McCulloch v. Maryland is possibly the most prominent Supreme Court case throughout the antebellum period that occurred in 1819, even though different interpretations of the Necessary and Proper Clause have led to many controversies regarding its meaning and the potential supreme authority of congress, this landmark case established that the federal government has certain implied powers under the constitution. Primarily, individuals who supported the National Bank argued that the bank was essential in regulating the money distributed by state banks. However, many states wanted nothing concerning the National Bank in their precincts in fear of state banks being rundown. Citizens that opposed claimed that Congress did not have the power to establish a National Bank and
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